Quick Start

Stay alert!: Our main endpoint will be changed at the last day of this month, we will remember you for the change. This is for improve security and performance

Get your API keys

Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.

You can generate an API key from your Dashboard at any time.


We will create the most powerful and efficient api in the crypto market. We will constantly enable new methods and improve the entire payment experience


Actually, we are using V1 but in the future will release the V2, but don't worry, All our changes are backwards compatible and you will be able to continue using V1

Main Endpoint

PRODUCTION: https://api.kodexpay.com

TESTING: Not available yet

Install the library

We are working on diferents languages, in our beta access you can download our NodeJs Service to implements faster

import axios from 'axios'
import Env from '@ioc:Adonis/Core/Env'

const apiKey = Env.get('KODEX_API')
const apiUrl = Env.get('KODEX_URL')

export default class KodexpayService {
    public static async listCoins() {

        let coins = await axios.get(`${apiUrl}/api/v1/rates/my-tokens`, {
            headers: {
                'API-TOKEN': apiKey

        return coins.data

    public static async newPayment(token: string, quantity: number, paymentToken: string, purchaseEmail: string, purchaseName: string, itemNumber: number, invoiceNumber: number) {

        let data = {

        let payment = await axios.post(`${apiUrl}/api/v1/payment`, data, {
            headers: {
                'API-TOKEN': apiKey

        return payment.data


    public static async checkStatusPayment(paymentId: string) {

        let status = await axios.get(`${apiUrl}/api/v1/payment/status/${paymentId}`, {
            headers: {
                'API-TOKEN': apiKey

        return status.data


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