Token Generation

Generate the security token that you must use in all your requests to use our services

  1. Go to KodexPay and create new account

  2. Validate your email and account

  3. Create new project on the left bar

  4. Enter the project name and the main color for your project

Enter on the configuration module and click on Api Keys

Create a new Api Key and complete the form with the real domain (This domain is validated from your request, in case is not equal this request will be fail)

Pay atention: After this, you will receive and code on your email account to validate this ApiKey. Please paste in the correct field and validate for activate it.

Use this code in your request

Please add this code in all your request in the header. NAME: API-TOKEN Example:

let coins = await axios.get(`URL`, {
            headers: {
                'API-TOKEN': '2381dc54-863a-474c-bf17-c57e49dfaeda'

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